James Mattock asked 1 year ago
Hi, I've just read a post in your Q&A section (written by Alexandra asked 3 years ago) and she says, 'Dear Dr. Armpit,  I already left a note about five years ago on your website after I was able to find a (temporary) solution for my chronic hyperhidrosis', she goes on to say,' As shared earlier on your Q&A: Taking baths in Epsom Salt helped me counter and solve the chronic hyperhidrosis'. Could you please direct me to the full article as I'm unable to find it and would very much like to give her protocol a go? Thank you.
1 Answers
drarmpit Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi James, I'd love to provide that to you, but I don't have it either. I can suggest to experiment yourself. Taking baths is great to lower stress levels, which will also lower sweat production. The salt is good to release sweat and lipids from the skin as well. To give you some more tips: try intermittent fasting, avoid carbohydrates/sugar in the morning, avoid caffeine/coffee/thee/energy drinks and avoid particular fodmaps that one can react to. Also, read my blog about Hyperhydrosis. I hope this is useful to you! Best, Chris