What worked for me after fifteen years of chronic bromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis

Q&AWhat worked for me after fifteen years of chronic bromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis
Alexandra asked 5 years ago
Dear Dr. Armpit,  I already left a note about five years ago on your website after I was able to find a (temporary) solution for my chronic hyperhidrosis, but wanted to make a new addition as I finally was able to also get rid fo my chronic bromhidrosis, completely (which I had suffered from for about fifteen years, day in, day out). In short: 
  1. As shared earlier on your Q&A: Taking baths in Epsom Salt helped me counter and solve the chronic hyperhidrosis. 
  2. Drinking waterkefir helped me get rid of my longtime, chronic bromhidrosis.
I will try and provide a clear explanation with regard to the second, here below: I completely randomly bought a few bottles of waterkefir a while ago (without any expectation or any thought of it with regard to my bromhidrosis, so this is definitely not a case of placebo effect) and noticed after about two to three weeks, to my biggest surprise, that I was no longer stinking nor even smelling a bit, at all (I really say \"stinking\" as I usually suffered on a daily basis from a heavily, chronic perspiration odour with a strong kind of acid, bitter, ammonia-ish twist to it). The bromhidrosis has not returned ever since. In the first weeks after the odour disappeared, I noticed that the hyperhidrosis temporarily seemed to return as my armpits were constantly wet, but that also gradually disappeared. Strangely enough, I also noticed for a few weeks that my body was literally craving the waterkefir. I would then drink about 1 liter a day. These cravings however also diminished over time: I currently only drink one to two cups a day, and all seems to still be fine. Lastly, I went on holidays for two weeks to my family abroad during Christmas, fearing the bromhidrosis would return without daily consumption, but still: my transpiration was normal. At the end of the two weeks, I had the feeling I could smell myself a little bit - but still, that stayed within a completely normal range of sweat odour.  To be as specific as possible, here is the exact waterkefir I drank/drink: Polder Kefir by \"The Bald Brewer\". I really do care to specify this, because I had also quite randomly tried in the past other types of kefir (in milk, pill and water but do-it-yourself form). However, there were no particularities and none of the current results after consumption. For any readers who might be interested: I live in the Netherlands, and the waterkefir seems to only be produced and distributed locally. They have a website where they also explain all the bacteria it contains and how this has a positieve effect on your gut flora, especially the small intestine. I was hoping this testimony would be interesting to you, Dr. Armpit, as it is also all about good and bad bacteria yet in a different location: the gut. My bromhidrosis would manifest exclusively in the armpits area, yet the link to the gut is now very clear in my personal case. I also never had any kind of digestive issues, so I could never have imagined my gut could be an underlying cause.  I hence thought it was important to let you know about this personal discovery. My life has literally changed on many levels since my bromhidrosis is gone, and I deeply wish this to every one. I really hope me taking the time to share this might help more people than just my isolated case for now.  I wish you all the best of luck! And you also Dr. Armpit. Thanks for all the research you do, your persistence in finding solutions for us, as well as this platform to ask questions or share ideas!
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Dear Alexandra, thank you so much for sharing! That is really interesting to hear. There is definitely a link between gut and skin, that can reflect in armpit malodor. We have clear scientific evidence that the consumption of less vegetables, more meat and more fastfood leads to more malodor associated bacteria in the underarm. That became clear from a large scale meta-analysis. But there are also signs of other impacts: such as consuming too much sugar, lactose or gluten, for instance. This can lead to a disbalance in the gut, which has an impact on the body immune system, which eventually can have an impact on skin and underarm malodor. Malodors are often a sign that something is "off", and the gut generally plays a central role in restoring health. I am guessing the fermented waterkefir helps to restore the gut microbiome and/or the electrolyte composition. This has an impact on the immune system (I bet you feel better now - less stress hormones), which helps to restore a better balance of skin bacteria and sweat secretion. Great to hear this, and I hope this can help others as well. Best, Chris