Zno dont work for me

Q&AZno dont work for me
Bill asked 4 years ago
Im the same guy who posted the previous question. And Zno doesnt work for me. Just like Any othdr thing i have tried. And actually everything is making me smell worse during or after application. For example if i put something antibacterial it doesn’t reduce the odor, it most likely makes it worse. If i put something that has an odor, then those molecules probably reacts with the odor and after that BOOM. Even Almighty God would’t want to stand next to me within 100 miles
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing and sorry to hear that. The bacteria are nested deep inside the skin, which makes it hard to reach them or attack them. If you apply antibacterial compounds on the armpit, it doesn't necessarily mean that the ones inside the skin will be touched. On the contrary, by using many different antibacterial products in the underarms, you steer the microbiome towards more resistant and malodorous bacteria, making the problem even worse than before. Sometimes the answer is not to use antibacterial products, but something completely opposite.  Best, Chris