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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Thank you for doing research on this! I have been suffering bromhidrosis for five years now. I am a female and it is very difficult to deal or accept the issue. It really affects your life on many essential levels for well-being. Below, I will post a few questions on my situation and discoveries so far: - My only sibling actually also suffers from armpit odor (even though it considerably decreased after her pregnancy). Would it then still be possible to participate in your research? I would definitely like to be part of it, anytime. - Recently I tried to use Dettol (antibacterial hygienic wipes) but pretty fast afterwards, my head started spinning for hours. Since I used the wipes, my sweat has actually been smelling even more acid/chemical-ish for a while. Hence I don't recommend this method. I decided to reconsult my doctor a few weeks ago since, even though I am against it, I was considering giving botox a try. My doctor hence decided to first call her colleagues at a hospital in order to ask them for advice. They told her I should try an antibiotics cure, in order to get rid of the bacteria. Either: 1. Doxycycline (100mg/day) in combination with Fusidin (crème), during 14 days. Or 2. Oxybutynin, during a longer period of time (I don't know how long though). I asked my doctor how come I never had heard of these methods before. Apparently the hospital staff said it is just not a very known method. I have looked for potential side-effects and the first option seems to be pretty intense. I didn't read many good reviews on this one. The second option seemed better still, I only found two reviews. Are you acquainted with these treatments as a solution to get rid of the bacteria? Would you recommend it? - Lastly, I actually always and exclusively wear cotton, but it doesn't really matter. I read that you advised someone to cultivate his own (good) bacteria. How should one do that? Sorry, the exact procedure wasn't very clear to me. Thank you so much for helping us!
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Hey, thank you for your question. The antibiotic cure is definitely worth the try. It aims at eradicating all bacteria in the armpits, so (hopefully) another microbiome can establish afterwards. Give it a try. Let us know how it evolves. Best, Chris