Why is my b o smelling like weed

Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhy is my b o smelling like weed
Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Hi im louise and im 33 years old and my b o is smelling like weed i dont smoke it or been anywhere near any its a real mystery as it only started afew months ago sometimes its that strong of a smell you would think someone has been smoking it in my house me and my partner were looking for were this smell was coming from before we realised it is actually please help as i have never been a conscoius or paranoid person but since this started i have become very paranoid thanks louise
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi Louise, it is something that I have encoutered before. The cause is because of a certain bacterial species (probably a Gram-negative bacterium), cleaving off compounds from the underarm sweat, causing that specific odour. I would suggest trying to stop your regular deodorant for a month, or trying an antiperspirant for a while to imply a sudden change in the underarm microbiome. It is possible that this species gets eliminated after these experiments. Best, Chris