Why does my right armpit smells and my left is ok

Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhy does my right armpit smells and my left is ok
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Hi Dr. Armpit I'm 29 yrs old female and for the past 3 going on 4 weeks my right armpit is smelly. I never had bad armpit smell before so its freaking me out. I didn't have to use deodorant on my days off from work -it was a house rule growing up so its a habit- However I find myself wearing deodorant almost everyday and taking more showers than usual. Which isn't good for my Chronic Urticaria. (Which is under control for the past 8 yrs) The only medication that I'm under is my antihistamines; Atarax and Benadryl. Which I have been under for years so no change in that department. I don't drink alcohol nor do drugs. I don't eat meat because of my allergies so I'm not sure what's going on. Sometimes I do break out in the hives on the smelly pit but it only happened a handful of times and the centella cream calmed that down. But the smell is annoying me. Please help.
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Hi Roxie, thanks for your message. The origin of malodorous bacteria in the armpit can be anything. I have heard stories of onsets after a hospital stay, pregnancy, menopause, use of hormonal products, weight gain, intensive sports, stress, chemotherapy, dirty bed, new partner, moving to new house, use of strong disinfectants, use of high concentration aluminum antiperspirants, etc. Also, the axillary microbiome can gradually alter with age.