Where are you from?

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Hi Chris, thank you so much for your research! At least one person truly cares about us! I just read in one post, that you could meet people from Belgium? So I wonder if you are from Belgium? Because I am from Germany and would travel there to meet you. I know you cannot cure my BO (I guess Bromhidrosis) at the moment, but maybe a talk would be helpful. I'm suffering since 7 years (it started as in most cases after puberty) and did a lot of trials and research and got a lot of wits, but no solution yet, but lot of solution"rudiments". Continue your work, you are great! Wishing you all the best!
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Lily, thanks for your support, well appreciate. I am from Belgium indeed. Half of the time I am also in San Diego. But currently I am in Belgium. If you want to, you can reach me at info@drarmpit.com. Best, Chris