When bathing doesn\’t help at all.

Q&AWhen bathing doesn\’t help at all.
Don asked 4 years ago
Hi Dr.Armpit. The strangest thing about body odor is you will see clear reactions but hardly get any response upon asking questions. I grew up with a girl who smelled like a super strong onion. She can take a bath until her skin was raw and smell like a fresh pungent onion. Is there another condition that causes that particular problem under the arms? Nothing helped her. She stinks even getting out of the shower. When bathing does no good what\'s that? Her smell was only under the arms.
1 Answers
drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Can you reach out to that girl, and can she contact me directly at info at drarmpit.com? I am looking specifically for people that have an oniony underarm odor. Best, Chris