Anonymous asked 4 years ago
I've been suffering with armpit odor since I was 13 years old and have tried almost anything I could think of to combat it but to no avail. Last month upon searching for the cure on the internet I stumbled upon a few posts from people who have(or think they have) celiac disease, gluten/wheat intolerance, gluten/wheat sensitivity and have armpit odor at the same time. They said once they stopped eating food that has gluten or wheat in it, their armpit odor would improve just after a few days and would come back once they started eating gluten/wheat containing food again. So I did the same. I stopped eating bread altogether and I always checked the ingredients of every food I get my hands on if they have gluten or wheat and if they do, I don't eat those. The result? My armpit odor improved a lot and almost completely gone!! That's a major breakthrough for me! Whenever I eat bread again and other gluten/wheat laden food the smell comes back. I encourage you guys with armpit odor to go gluten free/wheat free even just for a while. Avoid all food that has gluten or wheat in it, for other foods that are not bread, check the ingredients. If you see positive results, please share it here. We might be able to establish a solid proof that gluten/wheat containing food is what's causing our armpit odor.
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing your story with us! Very interesting finding! Best, Chris