what\’s the best thing to do for now

Q&Awhat\’s the best thing to do for now
Lucas asked 11 months ago
what protocol would you recommend that would best do for now that would help mitigate armpit odor on the long term? How about gradually minimizing the use of soap and deodorant on the armpit area to decrease bacterial diversity and dependency? Is it even possible for the odor to self-correct and create a balance through this?
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drarmpit Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi Lucas, yes it is possible to self-correct the underarm microbiome. Although it is not easy. Usually the skin microbiome is very stable over time. I can suggest to try to go without any soap or deodorant for a while. Give it a couple of weeks. The first week will be hard, but hopefully, after a few weeks, a new bacterial balance is achieved and the good ones can become more dominant. With our probiotic deodorant we want to help nature in that sense, by immediately putting the right ones there. Best, Chris