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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
I had the same problem since I was 10. It was horrible. I also have hyperhidrosis. I started using Driclor when I was 15. I still smell. I wanted to kill myself many times over this. When using Driclor, sweat is gone but odor is still present. I tried so many things. I got the MiraDry procedure done even though it’s for sweating, I thought it would help with the smell but unfortunately it only did for a couple of months. Depression kicked in again. I’ve tried so many deodorants, I wouldn’t be surprised if I die early because of all the toxins I’ve applied under my arms. I’m in my early 30’s now and I don’t know what happened but I only use three types of deodorant now and I don’t smell anymore. When I shower I scrub my armpits with soap, rinse and use Humane acne facial wash from Amazon and I only use very little. After that I put on the crystal deodorant, let it dry and I apply Donna Karan Deodorant. DKNY deodorant is expensive but it works for me. Sometimes I use Secret Clinical Waterproof instead of the DKNY and I still don’t smell. I don’t know which product works, maybe it’s the face wash and it just took a long time to kick in or it’s all products combined. I don’t really care I just make sure, I’m never out of any of them. I don’t hear comments anymore when I’m around people. I didn’t finish my degree because of it, people can be so mean. They don’t say it straight to your face but they make jokes with others and laugh when you’re around. So I know how it feels. Please try my method. If it helps anyone. That would make me happy. Have a great day everyone. I’ve posted this in other forums and hopefully it will work for someone.
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Thank you for sharing. Good news is: you smell better with age. So this might also have helped. Best, Chris