Weird side effect after laser treatment to stop sweating.

Q&ACategory: QuestionsWeird side effect after laser treatment to stop sweating.
Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Hi. I can't seem to find info about this anywhere in the internet. I'm hoping you can help. I've had 2 laser treatments to stop underarm sweat (last one was about 2 months ago). Initially I thought that it didn't work at all because they would still get pretty sweaty during my workouts. They actually felt MORE sweaty than before the treatments. But I soon realized that this happens only when I wear deodorant! It's pretty uncomfortable. It almost doesn't seem like sweat... it seems as if lots of moisture just collects there and mixes with my deodorant and doesn't go anywhere, like normal sweat does. I know, it sounds weird. So now I'm in a sucky situation where in order to not profusely "sweat", I have to skip the deodorant, but then if I do, over time I start smelling bad! Btw, without deodorant I don't sweat, my armpits just get a little "tacky" over time. Have you ever heard of this? Any idea as to why it's happening and what I could do about it? Thank you so much in advance. ANY advice would be truly appreciated. PS: the codes that we must decipher in order to prove that we're not a robot are HORRIBLE!! Almost impossible to make out.