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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Just a comment on how I cope w this nasty problem. After showering I pour rubbing alcohol On a cotton makeup pad and swab my armpits and feet especially between toes. Then I use Dove mens unscented deoderant/antiperspirant spray on my pits. ( I am female hence the unscented). Then I use olay 24 hour moisture lotion on the feet and between the toes. Or any good moisturizing lotion. Some work better than others. AND I have a spray bottle of straight Vinigar which I spray on the inside of my tops in the armpit area and all around in a large circle. I saturate it. Then launder w sunlight laundry detergent as usual. If your top still stinks after this redo it . I find my tops really stink in the front armpit seam of my tops so make aure you spray ths area. Sounds like a pain I know but I have tried everything and these products do the best job. As I have commented before, I also take diflucan pill that (which is for yeast infection) once in awhile when I start getting too ripe. This has saved my sanity. None of this will hurt you and you will be surprised how much it helps. Not sure why lotion on the feet helps but is does and is cheaper than deoderant. :D
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Thanks for sharing! Best, Chris