using dandruff shampoo for body odor

Q&Ausing dandruff shampoo for body odor
plantitas asked 4 years ago
hello dr. armpit, i struggle with a very strong body odor that sometimes smells of onions and have been struggling to find a remedy, but I recently started using dandruff shampoo as a soap for my armpit area and have found that it works really well with combatting the odor. I leave the shampoo on for an extended time before washing off. The odor does still come back eventually although I shower daily. It is very interesting though. Do you have any idea as to why this dandruff shampoo (head & shoulders) may be working? Best
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Thanks for sharing! The reason for the good effect is two-fold: 1/ dandruff shampoo contains antimicrobial ingredients that also have an effect in the underarm - it kills bacteria so that less odor would be created; and 2/ shampoo contains detergents that will bind to apolar/hydrophobic odor precursors. These precursors persist long on skin and are difficult to rinse off. Leaving the shampoo for extended periods of time will lead to a better connection and removal of the odorous precursors when eventually rinsed off.