Using alcohol, anti-bacterials, other acids.

Q&AUsing alcohol, anti-bacterials, other acids.
Mokey asked 4 years ago
 Is it possible that using these can make odor worse after a while? Can the smelly bacteria take over the acid or alcohol and become stronger or more powerful? I've used alcohol pads, hand sanitizer, glycolic acid (Pixi glow tonic), and they seem to work for a while. I wonder if the bacteria will become accustomed and change somehow. Like when your body gets used to antibiotics. Also, can you do harm in some other ways by using such strong ingredients on your armpit skin?
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Mokey, correct - you can make malodor worse, and the microbiome more resistant, when applying harsh antibacterial ingredients. The microbiome will adjust to the more stressful environment and adapt to it. An altered microbiome is the result that can be more malodorous. So watch out with this - don't over do it.  Can you do other harm? Likely - instead of 'just' malodorous bacteria, you can also attract pathogenic bacteria that cause nasty infections, red bumps, rashes, etc.  Best, Chris