Update: I have found a definitive cure for my Bromhidrosis (excessive sweating and very strong/sour armpit door)

Q&ACategory: QuestionsUpdate: I have found a definitive cure for my Bromhidrosis (excessive sweating and very strong/sour armpit door)
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Dear Armpit Dr, I have messaged you two times earlier already in the past year. As you asked me to keep in touch about any progress, here I am again. I may have some good news for some of your readers. I went to see a bioresonant therapist. He performed a small bloodtest (by means of a sting in the finger) and looked at it under the microscope. He noticed my bloodcells were abnormal (in a "rouleau" shape, which means the level of acidity in the blood is too high). In my case it was way too high. In order to de-acidify my blood/body, he advised me to take baths in Epsom Salt (which is a natural salt, composed of magnesium and sulphate - I had to start with 200g and increase the dosis gradually for every new baths taken. Two baths max. a week, min. 20 minutes) and to drink Koemis Koetjing (2 cups a day, during three weeks). (Cutting on sugars is also recommended (also being white pasta, white rice, etc) but you may try the baths first, and if it doesn't work cutting on the sugars will be a must I guess). Surprisingly, after having taken 4 baths my bromhidrosis was completely gone! I actually had no idea the acidity level of my blood would be related to my bromhidrosis problem. I have been completely symptom-free for a month now, which hadn't happened to me in the past 5 years. Indeed, there was - without exaggerating - not a single day, from getting up to going to bed, of which the bromhidrosis did not prevail. If you don't have a bathtub, you could try footpaths (using 200g of Epsom Salt) however, I do not know if the same successful results can be achieved as I did. Perhaps it will take longer, but still be beneficial in the end. Some of your readers may have a too high level of acidity, causing their bromhidrosis. I hope this post will make people aware to get this detail checked! For me, this visit to the bioresonant was truly life-changing. Now I can quit the 3 pills a day I had to take to stop the bromhidrosis (as I posted earlier on your Q&A), I have no longer have to deal with its side-effects and with the problem actually not being solved in the core. I plan to keep on taking baths with Epsom salt now and then in order to prevent my blood from turning acid. During the christmas holidays I have eaten lots of chocolate and sugars, and I notice the odor is slightly coming back. But how it is now is definitely liveable, as being symptom-free is just one bath away. Good luck to you all!
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing this with us. There is something curious about taking a bath (with or without the salts) which I still cannot quite explain. Taking a bath is definitely better than taking a shower. I guess it is because during a bath, the water can access better the hair follicle and/or the apocrine sweat glands. Let me further think about this... Best, Chris
drarmpit answered 5 years ago
Hi, I have thought more on this topic. A bath will soak the upper (dead) layers of the skin epidermis and is good at removing covalently bound odor molecules / lipids / odorous amino acids. For this reason, it is a good idea to take a bath, to go swimming in a public pool or in the ocean. The water is good at dissolving the "permastink" molecules and freeing it from the skin. Chlorine in pools will additionally be able to oxidize and break down the odorous molecules attached to the skin. The Epsom salt might work in a similar fashion. Best, Chris