Update 2024?

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Hopeful asked 5 months ago
First things first: Thank you so much for your continuous effort. I am, as many others on this forum, very much looking forward to try your product. Thank you for giving us hope that there might be a solution (if not a quick-fix) that makes this strange and shameful condition more manageable on a daily basis in the near future. At the same time I am somewhat confused by the time-frame of the planned release. I guess I figured that your team already had an agreement with someone who could produce the sprays at a reasonable cost once the production of the needed bacteria was finished. Now I am a bit worried that these last few steps (included the necessary fundraising) will be a rather long process, so could you please give us an update on this? And then open for fundraising? Thank you again for your effort, I don`t mean to sound impatient.
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