Underarm smell after laser hair removal

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
One of the side-effects I experienced after getting underarm laser hair removal has been persistent underarm odor, even after showering. Right armpit is worse than the left. The smell seemed to live on my skin, even after showering. I was using stick anti-perspirants like Degree and Secret and Mitchum, then stopped assuming that the creamy base was contributing to the smell. I started using aerosol sprays of the same strength and brands thinking that a "drier" version of the product would decrease odor. It didn't, it just made me smell sour instead of oniony with the stick/creamy base. I decided to try a natural deodorant and found that the glossy/clear glycerine based deodorants (Alaffia) made my sweating worse and they increased odor. I heard baking soda would help and was afraid to try it "out of the box" as many users appeared to experience irritation so I gambled by trying another "creamy" preparation in the form of Schmidt's deodorant, which I found at Marshall's/TjMaxx. That seems to work at decreasing the odor for about 8 hours. If I go to the gym after work, I have to wash my underarms again because I do sense that I have a slight funk that could get worse if i were vigorusly sweating so I wash right before class and reapply. It's better than any other options I tried so far as all the other antiperspirants were making me smell oniony or sour by lunchtime. So if any readers haven't tried the natural baking soda/coconut oil based deodorants, you might want to give those Schmidt ones a try. They have a charcoal magnesium version, which I found way too harsh. I alternate with the Lime Verbena and Lavender Sage. Hope this helps someone.