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Athlete asked 4 years ago
hi like some people here i have SEVERE case of bromhidrosis. It starts straight after shower i come out do literally NOTHING just sit on the couch within minutes people are able notice it from couple meters away and judging from their faces its one of the worst smells an armpit can produce. I already messaged you about participating in your study on email couple months ago but you didn’t reply. In case you're wondering how all this started i can tell you my story. I didn’t have a problem with BO whatsoever (actually i remember one case when i was playing football for consecutive days in summer without showering) until i gained lots of weight almost 20 kilograms. At that time i had quit doing any sports and also i gain weight pretty easily. So when i gained all that weight i remember i started sweating heavily from my armpits, and thats when the problem started, but it was occasional, nothing like it is now. Since then it gradually got worse and worse. ANYTHING that i would put on my armpits would make it worse including all types of deodorant. Btw i lost all that extra weight for quite some time now and heavy sweating from my armpits seems to have stopped but odor is still present. In my opinion i was producing extra apocrine sweat when i got fat which helped smelly bacteria gain dominance. I have already left couple messages on here so im not a new member. Also, sorry for the long message i just wanted to share my story to have some sort of “relief” if you know what i mean. I know that world is in a bad place right now so an update on how things are going would be great from you. I understand that all the clinical trials must have stopped right now because of the virus
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