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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Congratulations on your research appointment to the Knight Lab at UCSD! My sister and I struggle with underarm odor - she lives about 20 minutes from UCSD and I am near there almost every week for work. It would be an honor to be part of your research if you need any subjects. Side note... after not using any underarm cosmetics for months with mixed results, I was on vacation in the Bahamas recently and did not have any stink there or since I returned a few weeks ago. I was on a sailboat for 7 days and in the water frequently. I'm wondering if it was all the salt water? Praying the stink stays away!
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi there, thanks for sharing your story. I hope to start up a new trial at UCSD, but it first needs to be possible. A bath, swimming pool or salty sea water seems to have a good effect. I guess the water can well impregnate the armpit skin (epidermis, sweat glands, hair roots), taking bacteria and odor molecules out. Quite an interesting finding. Best, Chris