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Hi drarmpit I’m 19 year old male suffering from this shit first of all I want to say thank you for doing what you’re doing. Now recently I tried topical antibiotic gentamicin on my underarms with a hope of temporarily getting rid of the smell or at least reduce it. Couldn’t even do it for 1 day! I applied it twice, once a daytime and once at night before bed then I washed it off in the morning. And The smell was still there! And the thing is I can’t even smell my body odor. It’s just im already a master at noticing when people can smell something. so my question is should I stop using an antibiotic since it’s not working and it can have some serious side effects? Or should I continue to use it hoping that it will at least temporarily fix my armpits? Or should I use different antibiotic? I just want to achieve temporary effect until you come up with help and end this. Thanks