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Wakipe asked 1 year ago
Chris, please allow personal use.
Dear my name.
I was surprised when I saw your message. I was happy. I couldn’t believe you have started studying Japanese since last year. Because your Japanese is great! I understand all your message.
I have 2 blogs.
1, Ameba blog (rental blog)
2,Wakipe’s labo (personal blog)
Ameba blog→I write Everyday life with body odor.
Wakipe’labo→I write body odor information deeply.
At Ameba blog, you can meet Japanese who have body odor. They study hard about body odor. I’m an amateur, so I need more study about it. I don’t know if my blogs will be useful, but I hope you enjoy it. You can contact me from either blog. Please contact me if you need anything.
I support your study of Japanese. Let’s do our best together !
Best regards,
my nameさん。
1,Ameba blog (あめぶろ、rental blog)
2,わきぺの研究室(personal blog)
わきぺ より

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drarmpit answered 1 year ago
OMG – I am blown away by the intensive research and amount of information I find on your blogs. This is an excellent source of information. I would like to reference it in my website. If you are aware of similar blogs in other native languages, please let me know. This needs to be shared with the rest of the world. 
Other than that: is your English well enough to have an e-meeting? We can Skype or Google Meets or Teams or Zoom or whatever. I would like to learn more about your case, and would want to help you with my knowledge if possible. But for that I need to ask you a couple of questions. If you are not comfortable having an e-meeting, maybe we can exchange via email. Can you send me an email at info at drarmpit dot com? Thanks
OMG-私はあなたのブログで見つけた集中的な調査と情報の量に驚いています。 これは優れた情報源です。 私のウェブサイトで参照したいと思います。 他の母国語で同様のブログをご存知の場合は、お知らせください。 これは他の世界と共有する必要があります。
それ以外:あなたの英語はe-meetingをするのに十分ですか? Skype、Google Meets、Teams、Zoomなど何でもできます。 私はあなたの事件についてもっと知りたいのですが、可能であれば私の知識であなたを助けたいと思います。 しかし、そのために私はあなたにいくつかの質問をする必要があります。 e-meetingに不安がある場合は、メールで交換できるかもしれません。 info@drarmpit.comにメールを送ってもらえますか? ありがとう