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ifk asked 3 years ago
watch this and tell me if this will eliminate the smell                         iif yes where can i have this
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
This is the armpit lipid excision method, to permanently remove underarm lipid tissue and its connected sweat glands. This is a permanent way to get rid of odor. Any plastic surgery clinic could do this method. Alternative is armpit liposuction, where they only make a small hole to remove underarm lipids/sweat glands. Another alternative is armpit sympathectomy, where a surgeon cuts a nerve so the sweat glands will never produce anymore underarm sweat. All are last resorts.  Interesting that you show this video: it is Japanese. Japan is the only country in the world where this kind of procedure is paid back by the insurance. Underarm body odor is very rare in Japan, because the majority of the Japanese have a genetic mutation which makes their apocrine sweat much less and not smelly. You can also link it to the earwax: their earwax is generally white, dry and flaky. While 'normal' earwax is liquid, yellowish to brownish. So it is a -huge- stigma in Japan to have underarm body odor, even more than in western countries. So no wonder that people will do -anything- to get rid of it.