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Collie asked 1 year ago
Doctor we understand and really appreciate the hard work you been through, but this is really upsets us by leaving us in the blank for not knowing what’s going on, while people are still suffering in their life everyday(psychologically), the last thing we heard from you that you that it will be launched early this year, unfortunately it didn’t happen, for the relief just at least give us an update for what is going on it, people are desperately waiting for you after all this time!
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drarmpit Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi Collie, thanks for your continued support. To give you a little update of where we are currently at. We have managed to get an agreement with the university over the transfer of the IP rights, so that is great news. We have a location where the startup will be based and we have people to support the startup. The current bottleneck is the production of the bacteria. The company is having difficulties with their machinery to fix their production capacity. This has been going on for several months. I have been following up with them closely. The current estimate is that they can start again in a month - I really hope that will come through. We are definitely planning to launch this year, but some things are not within our control. Apologies for the delay. Best, Chris