Things I\’ve Done over the Years that Help!

Q&AThings I\’ve Done over the Years that Help!
Tips asked 1 year ago
Hi everyone. Long time lurker here! I\'ve struggled with strong underarm odor for about 8 years now. These are a few things that I\'ve done to cope that really help. I\'d recommend that you try them because they help in controlling the odor. They aren\'t a magical \"cure,\" but they will make your everyday life more pleasant.  1) Wear an underarm sweat vest. This helps in controlling the odor and catching the sweat. It\'s also very comfortable! I bought one on Amazon called \"Zhanmai 3 Pcs Underarm Sweat Vest Underarm Pads.\" I wear it under my T-shirts or long-sleeves, and it isn\'t noticeable at all. I don\'t even realize I\'m wearing it and the odor is decreased significantly. 2) If you have a severe problem caused by bacterial imbalance, deodorant or antiperspirant won\'t really help. Instead, opt for a daily or 2x a day shower/bath with ph balanced soap. Bathing is normally better at clearing out the sweat glands, compared to showering. Do not do what I did and go on a buying rampage of 20 different antiperspirants. You will only drive yourself crazy! 3) Eat clean foods. Less meat, more vegetables. Maximize chlorophyll intake. 4) Make sure you wear Cotton whenever possible. Cotton decreases the growth of bad bacteria, so it incentivizes the good bacteria to grow instead. Always wash your clothes on a hot setting to kill the bacteria, when doing laundry.  Please give these tips a try and let me know if they help in decreasing the noticeability of odor! It\'s definitely helped me. It will be great to be able to try the spray soon. We are all looking forward to it! Thanks.
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drarmpit Staff answered 8 months ago
Thanks for sharing these!