The public notices but I dont. Is there a chance I dont notice myself?

Q&AThe public notices but I dont. Is there a chance I dont notice myself?
Sam asked 5 years ago
Hello Dr.Armpit, It\\\\\\\'s great that you are researching this kind of situation. I hope you find a good solution at least. I have some questions. So since my teenage it was no body odor when I sweat hard, even in the gym. I used to dont care about sweating. But about a year ago, people talk that I have a really hard body odor behind my back and avoid me to sit or stand next to me. I smell myself all the time but i think i dont smell like they are talking. I think that there would be a chance to not smelling myself and asked from my family even some close relatives. They said you smell good there\\\\\\\'s no body odor and you are overthinking people\\\\\\\'s random actions. But in public places, people still avoid me. I used some antiperspirants and deodorants but stopped because they didnt work and used botox injections. But I still sweating and people still reacting. Is there a chance I dont notice myself? Maybe my family is lying to me because afraid of hurting me.  Please, leave a precise answer. Thank you!
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drarmpit Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Sam, thanks for sharing your story. It is a very common story: people sniff their nose all the time, people like to have their personal space and have the tendency to ‘sniff up’ when somebody comes close to their personal space. It is some sort of ‘tick’ that people do without thinking about it. This has nothing to do with your body odor. You will always be the first one to notice your body odor: your underarms are right under your nose. It you don’t smell it, and your family says you don’t have it: then I can assure you: you don’t have BO. No need to worry about it. You need to see the distance and the sniffing as something people do when getting close to their personal space. Best, Chris