The Date is important

Q&AThe Date is important
Nat asked 3 years ago
Dr Chris,  When can we expect this your new deodorant spray.  This year 2021,  Next year 2022 or further. To give people hope and then leave them in their agony I don't understand. I have asked before and this is my last time so as not to come across the wrong way.   I am grateful for what you are doing, period. Personally, I feel your silence towards this most important thing: the date we can buy and use this, is like turning a knife. Imagine shaking snacks at a dog, it runs to you salivating, you withhold. That's my feeling.  If finance was ever a problem, please crowdfund, kickstarter or something and you'll be surprised at peoples response. Our lives, my life is stuck, I can't make the move to start a family, I have lost a lot over the years. So yes, what you have is life changing. Having a rough idea of the date would give so much peace of mind and hope. Now you know. Regardless, Thank you and all the best.
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
Dear Nat, thank you. I appreciate your support and I know that I am often non-responsive. This website is also just an unpaid hobby. My job requires a lot of effort and time from me. Apologies for not responding all the time. I would love to help everyone all the time, but it's just not possible. We are working hard on forming the company now (transfer of IP, funding of the company, forming a team, obtaining all the necessary ingredients, etc). Many hurdles to catch, but I do it with pleasure. My goal is to solve body odor, and I will not rest before obtaining that goal. The probiotic deodorant will become available in 2023, when the spinoff is formed. Thanks for your continued support. Best, Chris