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Tommy asked 1 year ago
The closest thing that we have to an actual \"solution\" while the spray isn\'t out yet is to \"train\" the armpits to become less dependent to deodorant and other antibacterials. Try skipping the deodorants for a couple days at a time and gradually you\'ll find that you will need it less. Also, avoid soap at all costs and opt for an emollient when cleansing the armpits. Soap strips off the skin\'s healthy barrier and oils which is actually helpful in protecting you from worse kinds of odor-causing bacteria. This is based on personal experience. I can now go 2-3 days of no deodorant (on light/moderate activity) before noticing an actual odor. Unlike when I was using deodorant 2x a day, I start noticing odor after a few hours to a day. It makes a difference.
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