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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Very interesting topic. Your research could affect the live quality of millions. In my case I quit using desodorants 20 years ago. Since then i noticed that only my right armpit became smelly after a day or two, while my left armpit always remained fresh, having a shower every second day. Inspired by your Q&A I rubbed concentrated citric acid on my right pit and it protected me perfectly from becoming smelly. Just don't try directly after shaving, thats a bad idea. I solved 1 teaspoon of food grade citric acid on about 2 teaspoons of water and rubbed it on with kitchen paper. The effect seems to last for about a week (still having a shower every second day). I hope it is still effective in winter when due to the thicker clothes and water resistant coats the body smell intensifies. Are you doing research on that aspect as well?
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
:-) That makes us happy too! Regarding the thicker clothes: the vapour pressure has an influence on the body odor development. In other words: fresh air and air, in general, above your axillary skin makes sure the bad odors are removed, has a positive influence on the non-malodor causing staphylococci and has a negative influence on the more anaerobic malodor causing corynebacteria and anaerococci. When sensing malodor, one often has the tendency to keep the arms close to the body, so no malodors are emitted. That is the worse reaction ever: you should in fact spread your arms more, so more air and oxygen is available in the armpits. But that is easier said than done...