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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
How do I stop my underarm from sweating? I sweat after shower with deodorant on. I just sweat period no matter what I'm doin how do I get the sweating to stop?
1 Answers
drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Nyshyera, this is a very common thing for human beings. There are a whole list of things you can do. Before chosing your option, think about how this impacts your life. There are people who are sick or have cancer; I am sure there are worse things in life. Also, sweating is a natural and healthy thing for your body. Here are a couple of options you can take to solve the excessive sweating: 1/ Wear white clothing, so the stains are not visible; 2/ Use underarm disposable or reusable whipes; 3/ Apply antiperspirant (look for the ingredient aluminum salts - this is the active ingredient and it blocks the sweat pores - for instance aluminum chloride hexahydrate); 4/ Apply high content aluminum salts antiperspirant. These are the most common measures to take. There are also more drastic solutions: 5/ Use oral medication to stop underarm sweating, for instance propantheline bromide; 6/ Inject botulinum toxin (known as botox) in the underarm - this results in a temporary sweat reduction of two to six months; 7/ Sympathectomy is a permanent way to stop the heavy sweating - a surgeon cuts or clamps the nerves and thus prevents nerve signals from passing through; 8/ Axillary liposuction is often performed to permanently remove or disrupt the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands; 9/ Use laser- or microwave-based techniques to eliminate the sweat glands. These last ones are invasive and are only advised when antiperspirants or medications didn't work. Often antidepressants are prescribed and regarded helpful. Best, Chris