Super itchy armpits

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
For months I have been dealing with itchy, sore, raw,armpits. Dry skin is apart of it. My skin is also noticeably dark. It started as a itchy bump, went on to be a yeast infection paired with what seemed to be excels (I used excema cream prescribed to my boyfriend and it all cleared up) and now my armpits are just constantly itchy and sore and raw. This has been going on since June and it’s now December. I plan on changing my deodorant to something more natural and I’m going to start using some ph balancing body wash, what else could I try to see if it helps this problem. I still ise my boyfriends cream, but we are out. I am not diagnosed with excess but the cream seems to always temporarily help. I also plan on trying to moisturize my armpits more often to help with dry itchy skin.