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Bobientje asked 3 years ago
Dear Doctor Armpit, I realized something when going through your website.
As a girl, I used to never have body-odor no matter how much I sweated.
Then one day when I was about 16, learning about bacteria in my biology classes I, stupidly, decided to try and disinfect my armpits because, well all those bacteria living there made me feel dirty I guess.
I used one of those alcohol-based handgels, I think. Now, I don't know whether this is the direct cause, but now I do have a strong odor, my husband often complains about it
and even washing doesn't always help.
I can be fine right after and 10mins later the odor is back. I guess my question to you is, do you think I stupidly ruined my body-odor or does that just change with getting older, because of puberty and adolescence for instance. And, is there anything that I can do, to try and go back too that youthful scent free time or am I condemned to deodorants (which I don't like to use because I know they make things worse). Kind regards, West-flemish 30somethinger
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