Sudden change in armpit odor

Q&ASudden change in armpit odor
Anonymous asked 3 years ago
Hello, I have always been quite familiar with my body, but all of a sudden last spring by body odour suddenly changed. It got so bad that I could only wear a t-shirt once before having to put it away for laundry. I can be going about my day and suddenly smell how bad my body odor is. I am so scared that others around me can smell it too. It barely goes away after showering.   What has happened? It can on so suddenly? 
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing. You are not the only one that went through this experience. People reported onsets of malodors with pregnancy, menopause, use of hormonal contraceptives, weight gain, intensive sports, stress, hospital stay, chemotherapy, sleeping in a dirty bed, new partner, moving to a new house, usage of strong disinfectants and high aluminum concentration antiperspirants. It could also have to do with an intolerance towards certain food. In all cases, the underarm microbiome has changed as a result, and the outcome is a different, unpleasant odor.