Stridex pads work – salicylic acid

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Veronica asked 9 months ago
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share what is currently working for me in case it helps anyone else. I got into the idea of acids for my armpit odour and tried glycolic acid which didn't work then lactic acid which didn't work then I almost gave up. Then I ordered Stridex pads and used one half on each armpit in the morning after a shower and boom 80% odour improvement for a few hours. It can be used together with a natural deodorant and I am trying to find one that makes it most effective - currently using Pitrok spray but it's not perfect so might try Lume next. I switched to soap-free ph-balanced body wash instead of antibacterial soap as I wanted to support the pH shift and the shift in microbiome that I think using the salicylic acids consistently will lead to over time. All the best and good luck - we will find the thing that works for us eventually.
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