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Beth asked 1 year ago
I’ve had body odour and feminine issues since puberty. I have recurring issues with yeast and bad bacteria no matter what I try. I’ve seen many doctors who don’t seem to care about my condition. I did a lot of sleuthing on the internet and I know that there are people who have taken Spironolactone and it has worked for their armpit issue. The thing is, my feed also smell bad and I’m VERY lucky to be able to work from home, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get up and work every day with all the stares and nasty comments people can make. One physician told me I probably have a PH issue and there’s nothing to do about that but I am hopeful that Dr Armpit’s deodorant can offer a permanent solution. I will have to try very hard to have the Spironolactone prescribed to me so that I can share my experience with other sufferers.   Good luck everyone and do not give up!   
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