Smelly odour in the sun and after drinking alcohol

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Hi Chris, I’m a clinical biochemist in the UK. I was doing some research and came across your name. Since puberty I’ve noticed I really suffer with foul BO particularly after exercise and after sunbathing! I so sweat more and have bad breath after drinking alcohol. This is noticeable to other people. I wondered if you might have any studies on the go at the moment or may be able to analyse my armpit micro biome. I’m intrigued to know the source.
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drarmpit answered 5 years ago
Hi, thank you for your question. You can analyze your armpit microbiome with American Gut: You can order a kit for one (or more) samples. Don't be mistaken: they not only collect gut samples but also skin (armpit) samples. Please add this in the form that will be given to you. If you mail me the results, I can help you analyze it. Best, Chris