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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My boyfriend constantly smells of sage, and that is just his natural odor. He has had that smell probably since high school. No one is really sure why. His armpits smell like normal smelly armpits though, but in general, his whole body secretes the smell of sage. Any insight on this?
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Hey C, very interesting. I have encountered people who have a rather spicy body odor (this can have a smell like horses, marihuana or kitchen spices), and indeed, this odor can appear all over the body. I assume this is related to the bacteria living on the skin, although I haven't been able to look deeper into this (there a very few people having an odor alike). In previous research, we were able to identify a typical bacterial species responsible for an onion odor. Accordingly, it is likely that a typical bacterial species is responsible for the sage odor. Best, Chris