Smell of b.o after a few hours of having a shower

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Right this always seems to happen every time I have a shower where I use soap and then shower gel with one of those scrubby things and then within about maybe 4-8 hours of me literally doing nothing in the day I go to get in bed where I just sleep in my boxer shorts and take a stretch and then I get a smell of b.o when I've literally had a shower the same day just about 4-8 hours ago I seriously don't understand why and it is really beginning to annoy me
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Dear Alex, thanks for sharing. Within this timeframe, the bacteria multiplied and thrived on the sweat secretions, causing the malodor. We have up to 1 trillion bacteria on (and in) our skin. Enough to start creating an odor. Washing takes away the sweat on the skin, but not inside the sweat glands. Also bacteria are present in the sweat glands (and this microbiome is quite stable). Once they secrete on the skin, an odor can emanate again. Best, Chris