Skin acidity effect on sweat smell

Q&ASkin acidity effect on sweat smell
S asked 3 years ago
Have you done any research into the skins natural acid mantle’s part in the smellyness/bromhidrosis? I’ve tried everything over the years, and only recently found relief from the stink by wiping my armpits with diluted apple vinegar for a few evenings and mornings and switching to an acidic shower gel. I’m thinking all the extra washing and deodorant application with alkaline soap and natural baking soda deodorant were actually making things worse? My odour level is back to normal nowadays and even the amount of sweat secreted has normalised 😊
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
That is great to hear! And yes, the skin pH is very crucial for the underarm microbiome. Soaps and showergels are often/usually alkaline, which have a bad effect on the underarm microbiome. This should be avoided. The natural underarm skin pH is around 5 to 5.5 (to maximum 6); so by default a little sour. So anything that will support this and help the natural acidity of the skin is good! Lemon, lime juice, vinegar, lactic acid and all such weak organic acids are good to support the acidity of the underarm skin. This will support the good bacteria in the underarm and will decrease the smelly bacteria. Best, Chris