Shouldn’t your research focus on the internal than external?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsShouldn’t your research focus on the internal than external?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hello. Im a body odor sufferer. Ive been reading about you and so happy that you are looking into an issue that affects all humans! But your research looks into the bacteria on the outside of the skin correct? But the smelly bacteria originates from the glands inside the armpit? so any external remedy would only be temporary right? since the main problem comes from the inside, maybe you should look at gland remedies as well. Just hoping to add some my opinion. Nothing i have put externally has ever fixed my armpit odor. Thanks
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Hello Jen, very good suggestion indeed. It is very correct that the bacteria inside the sweat glands start producing the bad odors. In our experiments we do focus on these bacteria. We aim at changing the bacterial community inside the apocrine sweat glands. Because these are the root of the problem. More information will follow once the article is published. Best, Chris