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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
i have been using deodorants for a long time and stopped using it after i changed it to a cream used for whitening underarms. i have used the cream for both underarms but now only my right armpit has an odour. i also stopped using the cream and deodorant but why does it still smell bad when the other doesn't? how do i get rid of it and why is this happening to the right underarm only? it smells bad even if I'm sweating a little bit only. besides, its awkward to have the smell when me and my bf is having a sexy time.
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi there, thanks for sharing. The whitening product causes a shift in the underarm microbiome. It is unpredictable and different for everybody. We can see some clear changes for instance when using antiperspirant, but it is still difficult to predict. And it is possible to have a different effect in left versus right armpit. About half of the people we investigated showed small or bigger differences between left and right armpit. After application of the whitening product, this led to a smelly right underarm microbiome. Maybe you can try to use your normal deodorant again. Or not to use any underarm product for a couple of weeks - to let the microbiome recolonize the armpit. Best of luck, Chris