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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Hello Dr. Callewaert, I am a student of textile and surface design specialised in Bioart/Biodesign. At the moment I am joining the biohacking lab 'Waag' in Amsterdam. I always wanted to do a project about microbs and I am fascinated how odor influences us and our behaviour. My first idea was to make it possible to share microbes with people like the sour dough as kids that you share, grow and share again. Through a lot of research I arrived to the point where I know, I wanna work with body odor. I have different ideas that I could imagine to work on. I would love to get more information about sweat and body odor and I guess there is no better person to ask for help then you. I would like to ask you very kind if it maybe would be possible to come for a visit to Ghent to have a talk about body odor and my ideas. It would be an amazing opportunity for me to learn and share ideas. Have a wonderful day. Best regards, Malu
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Malu, absolutely, you are more than welcome here in Gent :-). Cool that you want to work on body odor! It is a fascinating world in the armpits. Please reach out on to schedule an appointment. Best, Chris