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Penny asked 1 year ago
I just want to share my experience with body odor which is extremely similar to Chey’s. For starters, I cannot smell my body odor what so ever and I never have been. It all started my freshman year of high school (I am currently a Junior in HS) and I was wearing dove antiperspirant/deodorant but I guess it stopped working but I had no idea since I couldn’t smell it. I just always heard people whispering to each other around me and like sitting away from me. A teacher even made a very embarrassing comment about body odor and I could just tell he was referring to me :(. So I took the hint and I tried 3 different antiperspirant/deodorants, and I actually found one that worked and carried me throughout my sophomore year. However,  March of 2022, the formula of this deodorant (Degree) changed and it entirely stopped working for me so currently I am going through a really tough journey to find a deodorant that works. The fact that both my parents and I cannot smell my BO makes it really difficult to tell which deodorants work but sometimes I can just tell by the reactions of my classmates like when they always cover their nose when I walk by or always continually rub their nose. I’ve tried products such as glycolic acid, mandelic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and chlorophyll, but I haven’t had any great results. So far, I’ve had no deodorants that have fully worked for me but I am hopeful that this upcoming probiotic product will do the trick.