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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
Hi Dr. Armpit! I tried Lume deodorant and started getting laser hair removal for my underarms at about the same time. I also started smelling really really bad around the same time. I haven't used conventional deodorant for a long time and for the last few years haven't used deodorant at all and find I don't smell unless I am very stressed and the smell goes away when I relax. This new smell is pretty bad. So I have 2 questions: 1) do you think either or both of these new things could have caused the new bacteria/odor? and 2) what steps would you take to recolonize your underarms? Should I wipe out current bacteria and then put yogurt on my armpits?? Would adding laco-b topically be helpful? Take oral probiotics? Any help is appreciated.
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Hi Virgil, thanks for your questions. Yes, it might be that the laser treatment had an impact on the underarm microbiome. If there is malodor with stress, that means the malodorous bacteria are in the hair roots and possibly in the sweat glands and they come out when under stress (adrenaline is pushing out apocrine sweat in the underarm - the precursors for malodor). After the treatment, it sounds that those bacteria also spread out over the whole underarm. Now your second question is not that easy, although I have made great progress on that recently. Yoghurt, lactobacilli or oral probiotics won't help. I am working on a formula which was now tested in a clinical trial and looks great. We are still processing the results, so can't tell you much yet. But please, stay tuned for updates (or leave me a message on - so I can reach out when it is ready). Best, Chris