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S asked 1 year ago
Hi Mike, I'm using it twice a day after showers and the bottle only lasted for about 1 month ,I volunteer about 2 years ago and in that month that I'm using it I got a significantly less reaction from people ( no more coughing, sniffing, etc) my bedroom doesn't smell like shit anymore either, but I can't say if it's completely gone or not, I don't have people I can trust to ask.    This is the first time that happened in almost 10 years, before I'm trying so many deodorant/prescription strength antiperspirant, tried a vegetarian diet and drinking kombucha/probiotic drinks, still people are coughing left and right, it doesn't work or only minimal ly reduce it.    When I run out of supply the odor immediately comes back again and I got a lot of reaction from people again, hope that answer your question. 
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