Rancid olive oil smell, antibiotic smell to oniony, ripe fruit smell

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Hi, Dr. Armpit. I have a new found hope after watching your TEDx presentation. I am Southeast Asian, female, 25 years old, I have wet earwax too. Rancid olive oil, antibiotic smell, oniony, ripe guava smell, old damp dirty cloth smell, those are the odors I smell everyday. Since 13 I suffer from this, deos can handle it but as I turn older, no deodorant or antiperspirant worked,even Clinical Strength. Dermatologists failed to help me too. So I decided to do a SURGICAL Removal of Sweat Glands, but after a week, the odor came back. After that, I don't use strong antiperspirant deodorant. Just Potash Alum with dried herbs, it doesn't work to but is easier to re-apply. Whatever I put it leaves my armpits to have like dozens of little paper cuts, which is painful and causes a lot more odor. I tried low choline, and low sulfur diet, but didn't help much, and I'm not getting enough nutrition. I tried putting baking soda, but it will give me that rancid olive oil smell, while vinegar gives me oniony smell. Chlorophyll doesn't help me to, it just gave me sunburn even will low dosage. I notice that 1 day before I get my period, its either I'm extremely odorous or NO odor at all. Also about 3 months ago, I have a tooth infection so my dentist prescribed me CLINDAMYCIN, and for 2 weeks!! I notice while and after taking it my odor went to the next level! No soap or old regimen can fight or take out the odor. Is it because of the antibiotic or just coincidence? Even I clean it for about more that 20 times each armpit per bath, There is still that hint of BO, and the odor got worsten. Is it metabolic, but the odor is concentrated on my armpits? Is it hormonal, but I only find researches about menopause and BO? Is it because I have wet earwax? Is it the pH level? I am not overweight, and doesn't drink and smoke. Very hygienic. Sometimes I don't want to take a bath anymore, but whenever I smell it, it makes me dizzy, especially other people. My sister has dry earwax and no BO at all even though she sweat a lot. I am taking probiotics now, and stopped taking turmeric supplements, because I found out that even they are antibacterial, they increase the sulfur in the body. I haven't applied any antibiotics on my pits because I am very cautious and might create bacterial immunity and resistance. Can you help me, why do I smell like this? Should I stop my deodorant search, and diet, just enjoy food? I don't go out anymore, and just existing in the 4 corners of my house. One of my bucket list is to come to Belgium and seek treatment from you <3 Thank you!
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Coco, thank you so much for sharing your story. Very interesting that your sister has dry earwax and doesn't smell, while you have wet earwax and you do smell. This is a genetic difference: your sister has the AA genotype, which corresponds to dry earwax and "different" and much less apocrine sweat. While you have the GA allele of the ABCC11 gene, which corresponds to wet earwax and bioconvertible and more apocrine sweat. You mentioned that you were on antibiotics for 2 weeks and the odor was gone. That is the ultimate proof that the problem is bacterial (and not metabolic). Indeed you should be careful not to overuse antibiotics, because you dont want to be left with "super pathogens" on/in your body. But you can try it for a short period of time: apply it topically in the underarm, for 1 week. And then apply absolutely nothing to your underarm, and let your armpit get a new microbiome, hopefully with less stinky ones. Best, Chris