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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
In response to Minnie's question you said the following: "Indeed, my underarm microbiome changed to a dominance of corynebacteria. After three years, I was able to change it back to a dominance of non-odorous bacteria. This happened in summer, while painting and renovating the house, and by co-incidence. I was also working constantly with my arms, with one and the same painters T-shirt. After showering, I wore again the same unwashed painters T-shirt to proceed the 'dirty' work. This helped in taking over the shirt microbiome, from which afterwards we got to know mainly the 'good' bacteria grew in." I don't 100 percent understand and would like a little clarification. Why would it make a difference that you worked constantly with your arms? Did the good bacteria grow on the shirt and take over the bad ones on your skin?
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi there. Well, to be honsest, I also don't quite understand how it went. I think a combination of factors led to change my underarm microbiome again. Working with the arms can lead towards a higher influx of oxygen in the armpit region. More oxygen means more aerobic bacteria and less smelly bacteria. But I think the trick was indeed with the T-shirt: the dirty shirt was full with the 'good' bacteria, which were taken over on my washed skin. Still, a lot of variables and unknown things. In the lab we are working these things out. Best, Chris