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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Hi I’m a professional dancer who studies at Montclair State University. I suffer from odor. With that being said I’m all out of options. I have tried many types of deodorants, soaps, anti bacterial topical solutions, diet changes including vegetarian, vegan, taking chlorophyll liquids and pills. I have also tried drysol, Botox, and even mira dry. This has effected me so much I’ve just dropped out of school and discontinued my dream of becoming a dancer. I’m not sure if your unable or just not able to offer help at this point but this is just me latching on to any type of hope. Please. Thankyou so much for reading this. Contact: 1(856)813-6169.
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drarmpit answered 5 years ago
Hi Raymond, thanks for sharing your story. Many people here understand your situation. We are currently running clinical trials and working very hard to find solutions. I notes your contacts down in people to contact when a solution is available. Keep your head up, despite all you go through. We are with you. Best, Chris