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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
6 year survivor of whole liver transplant, my left armpit has a distinctive MALE smell that is abhorrent to me! My Dr. s think I’m nutty but I think it’s the stink of the guy who gave me his liver? Any research into this Phenomenon? Or am I the only one It’s only the left armpit I am right handed 60-year-old female my right armpit smells like me my left arm pit however smells like someone I would not date
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing your story. I haven't heard of this yet, but I can imagine this could happen. It could be two reasons: one: the liver is metabolizing in a different way so that this is also reflected on the skin and its odor. Two: the underarm microbiome in one pit changed so that the odor is different (probably more corynebacteria, which can have a "male" odor). The two can be related as well. Many people indicate that underarm odor changes after a hospital stay. Best, Chris