Possible to create sweat odor synthetically?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsPossible to create sweat odor synthetically?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago
My partner has a sweat fetish but no matter how much I try, my armpits or feet don't smell from sweat. Is there a way to either make my sweat smell more or to create the smell synthetically with chemicals/foods at home? Thank you!
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi May, well that's funny. Your the first one that wants to make your sweat more stinky! :-) Well, research has shown that, if you put underarm sweat on your arm, and put underarm bacteria from someone that is smelly on top of it, you can recreate the malodor from those bacteria. I wouldn't recommend to try it in the armpit, cause it might be persistent. Best, Chris